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Oval shape black slate plate for steak
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Oval shape black slate plate for steak
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Product Description:

Item Name: Oval shape black slate plate for steak
Brand:JiangWan Slate;
1.Item No:JJSP-003;
2.Size: 31cm(L)X14(W)cm;
(Note: This is only one customized size oval slate plate. Except this,we also can make square,rectangle,round,leaf,cloud ,brushed and laser cutting  with DIY LOGO and painting)
3.Thickness: 4-7mm;
4:Color: black;
Oval shape black slate plate for steak
5.Raw material: nautural black slate;
6.MOQ: 2000pcs;
7.Surface and side treatment: two sides are natural surface with ;
8.Usage:Luxury hotels,Western restaurants and home kitchen restaurants plates and mats; 
9.Product features: All of our raw material are collected from natural slate mines, by artificial split, no polish, without any chemical treatment, out of nature is what is what. So each of our plates is unique. Her stone lines are not replicable. Her hard, color quaint, bright color, acid and alkali resistance, low water absorption, fire resisting,cold wind. And it is the only one kind of stone material without radiation.

In reasonable and normal use, slate dinner plates live more than 100 years!

Slate tray usage and cleaning method:

1. Our slate plate can be directly contact with food, can be directly into the microwave oven heating!
2. If you fear of the food encountered slate will cool off and affect the taste, you can put slate dinner plate into the microwave oven heating first.The range of heating temperature is within 800 degrees. Similarly, if you want a frozen food, You can put the slate plate into the refrigerator after a few minutest! Then take out directly for the food,that can effectively keep the food cool.
3.Cleaning slate slate method is very simple: Clean with water directly, or wipe with a wet cloth! But you would better not to wash in the dishwasher.
4.When the food contact with the slate,the food grease will soak the slate plate surface.The slate plate color will become dark black,highlighting more natural grain and the bright color. Therefore, you needn't to oil when ordering.